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Burke Rickhards were formed in 1989, and with a multi – disciplinary team of professionals is able to offer a high quality one stop consultancy approach to clients across many development sectors.

Critical to the success of Burke Rickhards over the past 25 years is our ability to combine commercial awareness with practical experience to add considerable value for our clients regardless of size or scope. This has been achieved by providing a multi – disciplinary service, utilising a wide range of skills within the practice.

Investing significantly in the sports and leisure industry, the practice’s expertise and reputation was given recognition in 1996 when it was one of only few practices to be appointed as an “Expert Advisor” to the Sports Council Lottery Fund of England.

In the area of sports and leisure the practice’s reputation goes from strength to strength in delivering attractive, sustainable and value for money projects on time and on budget.

The practice has also built up considerable expertise in the residential sector, with many apartments and housing projects now successfully completed. The scope of work in the residential sector ranges from affordable to luxury developments. Commercial projects including hotels, restaurants, offices, retail parks, warehousing, educational, community and health facilities also feature within the practice profile.

Quality Assurance

Burke Rickhards holds the BS EN ISO 9001 certification that is supported by the government and recognised worldwide. Recognised for our quality, we aim to deliver attractive and value for money projects on time and within budget.

Our goal is to continue improving our services incorporating architectural practice and regulatory compliance to satisfy the RIBA requirements for a chartered practice.

Compliance with this Quality Management System is mandatory for all employees at Burke Rickhards.

ISO 14001 is an international standard that evaluates the environmental management system of an organisation. The ISO 14000 accreditation addresses various aspects of environmental management. It provides practical tools for companies and organizations looking to identify and control their environmental impact and constantly improve their environmental performance. The international standard is awarded when an organisation demonstrates its commitment to environmental standards.

This accreditation allows us to reassure clients of our positive stance on the environment and our positive approach to sustainable design.


Burke Rickhards is committed to designing environmentally sustainable buildings and places. Seeking low carbon solutions across all our work is a challenge that allows us to push boundaries and think creatively.

We fully support the use of benchmark schemes such as BREAAM and Code for Sustainable Homes, meaning we can take a lead on the best way to ensure actual sustainable solutions.

Whilst providing the usual high quality services required by our clients, we will seek to specify and use materials and processes which have no undue negative environmental impact, which are efficient in their consumption of energy and which can be recycled, reused or disposed of safely.

Burke Rickhards fully supports and promotes sustainability within our Practice and our projects. We acknowledge the effect that climate change is having on our current and future lives, the need to protect our environment, enhance social cohesion, and ensure financial security for the present and future generations. Our Practice strives to minimise our own impact on the environment by making sustainability a fundamental part of the way we operate and approach the design and delivery processes of our developments.